Chef of the Week, 25th January 2019 – Nikita Ritesh Bharuka

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

Welcome to our latest Chef of the Week column and on this edition, we have Chef Nikita Ritesh Bharuka who recently crossed the 1000 Meals Sold Milestone!

Before we got started with our questions, this is what Chef Nikita had to say:

A big ‘Hello’ to all my foodies and buddies out there! First of all, it feels amazing and gives me chills to be a part of this honour. Thanks a ton to the entire team of FoodyBuddy for choosing me as your Chef of the Week. ☺☺

Its rightly said; Cooking is the most unselfish art; just like a great artist, a good Chef must have an audience worth cooking for!”

We asked Chef Nikita how she got started on her FoodyBuddy journey and she answered, “I joined the team of FoodyBuddy a while after it was launched here in Republic of Whitefield.

Initially, I was hesitant if I would be able to take it up and live up to people’s expectations. But then I thought to myself that my cooking and food is not going to be just about impressing people, but it has to make them feel comfortable, fit into their requirements and it has to build their trust in me.”

Chef Nikita has quickly become one of the top-selling Chefs on the FoodyBuddy and we asked her what keeps her inspired.

She replied, “It’s rightly said; no matter how good a chef you are, it’s not really so good just cooking for yourself, the actual joy lies in cooking for others. And when your hard work gets a thumbs up, that is like an icing on the cake!

When you have such a loving & a supportive husband by your side the confidence just goes to another level. After an entire hectic day at the office when my husband returns home and offers me to help in the kitchen or to deliver food it just gets me going to do a lot more.”

That’s lovely to hear, ma’am 🙂

During the course of this conversation, we also touched upon Chef Nikita’s most popular dishes and she said, “Just like colours there are so many flavours to cooking, it’s just how you combine them that sets you apart. My list of favourites is huge but to name a few, I like to make fast food items, different forms of sweet dishes, sandwiches, parathas, chole bhature, samosa, kulfi, soup, and the list goes on!”

Chef Nikita also gave us some insight into her most popular dishes amongst her buyers. She said, “To name a few there are regular buyers of potato cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, chole bhature, masala chai, aloo paratha, paneer paratha, kulfis/ popsicles, veg supreme pizza, batata puri, dahi puri, eggless honey cake, chocolate cake, sabudana vada, and more.”

Chef Nikita’s Foodies certainly agree and their beloved chef also told us about her most memorable interactions with her buyers.

“I feel really good when I receive any request from someone asking for their favourite dish. It feels like I have managed to gain their love & trust for my cooking.

There have been times when I meet people in the elevator or somewhere taking a walk and they express how good the food was, telling me that their child loved the taste and ate it without any fuss, and asking me to please share the recipe. So it really gives me more confidence and boosts up my level. I get motivated to keep on improving and adding more varieties”

Having made such a positive impact on the FoodyBuddy platform, we asked Chef Nikita what advice she had for new Buddies and she replied, “My only tip to new Buddies would be just love & enjoy what you do and the results would be great naturally.

For me, there are no set rules for cooking. It just depends on your imaginations and taste buds and how wild you can go with your experiments and research for something new all the time.”

Chef Nikita also gave us some insight into her future plans. She said, “I still call myself a cook and not a chef because I feel I have to keep learning, exploring, hone my skills, meet like-minded people. Spending time in the kitchen with someone who loves to cook – like my husband – and eat as much as I do is really fun and educational and am sure will take me a long way. I will live up to the tag line of my profile which says, ‘Variety is the spice of life that gives it all its flavours’ and keep innovating!”

Absolutely lovely mindset, Chef Nikita 🙂

Finally, this is what Chef Nikita had to say in closing, “I feel really blessed to be a part of this amazing platform and all it takes is that one step out of our comfort zone. As Thomas Wolfe once said, ‘There is no spectacle on earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves’!

Thanks, FoodyBuddy Team, once again for bringing this amazing platform and opportunity into our lives. You are doing an amazing job. I have a huge friend circle now which was close to zero when I started here. All credit goes to only you. A big thank you!”

Thank you so much, Chef Nikita, for such wonderfully warm words and for being such an important part of our family. Everyone here at FoodyBuddy would like to wish you all the very best going forward 🙂

If you would like to be a Home Chef on FoodyBuddy, please register by clicking here!


5 Instagram Accounts of Home Chefs You Should Be Following!

Hello, everyone!

We all love Instagram, right? There are so many great pictures on there and it’s difficult to know exactly which handles to follow and not miss out on the best of the best. Which is why we’re here with a list of must-follow accounts.

So, without any further ado, here is our list of 5 Instagram Accounts of Home Chefs You Should be Following:

#1) @shivesh17

View this post on Instagram

GUYS! I need your suggestions and inputs, please❤️! So this has been on my mind for the longest time- starting a YouTube Channel but since I’m not much of a YouTube person I need you help. Please answer the following questions in the comments below and help me make some decisions- 1) should I start a YouTube channel at all or stick to creating video content on Instagram & IGTV? 2) Should the Youtube channel be in Hindi or in English? 3) What would you prefer watching- a production where I’m in the frame and talking or a longer table top version with a voice over of my explaining the recipe? Btw- I’ll not be starting the channel anytime soon because all energies are focused on working on the book right now but since this has been on my mind, I thought I’ll take inputs from you guys. Please let me know and thank youuuu❤️ Also, before you ask- the recipe of this eggless upside down pineapple cake is up on the blog 🙌🏻

A post shared by Shivesh Bhatia (@shivesh17) on

With over 100k followers on Instagram, Shivesh is an artist as much as he is a chef and his account is filled with some of the most amazing food creations we have ever seen!

#2) @shwetainthekitchen

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Hello Friends!! Hope you all are doing well!! I know its been long but am back with delicious appetizer/snack recipe – Baked Beans on Garlic Toast. Crunchy garlicky base of bread topped with soft mushy beans, hard cheese and crunchy onions and bell pepper makes this recipe irresistible. Try it and this recipe will be in your bookmarks for sure!! Recipe link:- . . . . . . #bakedbeans #toast #appetizer #snack #breakfast #ElevateYourPlate @dorotgardens #ad #spicy #vegetarianfood #savory #humpday #quickandeasy #recipe #comfortfood #delicious #yummy #food #shwetainthekitchen #vegetarian #feedfeed #foodtalkindia #buzzfeast #buzzfeedfood #huffpostetaste #goodfood #foodporn #beautifulcuisines #foodandwine #thekitchn #f52grams

A post shared by Shweta Arora (@shwetainthekitchen) on

Up next is a relatively lesser-known account belonging to one Ms Shweta and she is making a name for herself as an up and coming Food Instagrammer with some real talent.

#3) @foodfashionparty

@foodfashionparty – run by Asha Shiv – is one of the most popular Instagram accounts and it’s easy to see why she has 93k followers. Just look at that cake!

#4) @saffrontrail

We have a vegetarian Instagram account by Ms Nandita now and @saffrontrail contains some of the most gorgeous vegetarian food pictures you could ask for. Go follow her now!

#5) @foodybuddy_homefood

And finally, we have FoodyBuddy’s Instagram account which is filled with pictures of amazing home cooked food by the home chefs on the FoodyBuddy Network.

FoodyBuddy is a platform where people can buy and sell home cooked food within their own apartment communities. If you would like to know more, follow the links below:

FoodyBuddy Website: Click Here!

FoodyBuddy Android App: Download Here!

5 Signs That You Make Delicious Homecooked Food

Mouth-watering aromas, beautifully-plated food, diners patiently waiting for their meals. No, I’m not talking about the scene in your favourite restaurant, I’m actually talking about what happens in countless homes all across the world.

Home chefs are the unsung heroes for people who enjoy delicious homecooked meals on a daily basis and this is an article celebrating these wonderful people. So, without any further ado, here are 5 Signs That You Make Delicious Homecooked Food:

#1) Kids eat food containing ingredients they don’t like


We bet your children are just as happy when eating your homecooked food!

Whether it’s your own kids or the neighbour’s young child, there are chances that you have dealt with a fussy young human who refuses to eat a certain ingredient. But, what makes a great home chef is that they are able to make amazing food out of those very same ingredients.

So, if you have ever prepared a dish with Bhindi and your Bhindi-hating kid actually enjoyed it, then congrats. You are an amazing home chef!

#2)  Your significant other prefers to eat at home rather than ordering food


You don’t need to order out for a great meal

Doesn’t it suck when you go through all the effort of preparing a loving homecooked meal only for your husband or wife to say, “Let’s just order in tonight!”?

Wait, you don’t know what that feels like? Well then, you are clearly an amazing home chef whose food is leagues better than what any restaurant could ever offer 🙂

#3) Your friends always ask you for recipes


Your friends can’t get enough of your cooking!

Picture the scene. You’re hosting a dinner party for your friends. Everyone is having a good time and then you serve up a delicious chocolate cake that you have prepared with so much care and effort. Instantly, everyone is praising your baking skills and they all want the recipe!

Now, that is the very definition of an awesome home chef!

#4) All the neighbourhood kids always come over for snacks


No fussy children in your home

It’s one of the most difficult things in the world to make kids love home cooked food. After all, children are notorious for being finicky with their culinary preferences.

So, you know that your cooking is something special when all the kids from your neighbourhood keep coming over to have some homemade Pakodas and Samosas in the evening after playing cricket or football!

#5) You are a seller on FoodyBuddy


Are you a part of the FoodyBuddy family?

Does the name FoodyBuddy ring a bell? Are you a seller on the platform? Well then, you certainly make delicious homecooked food because FoodyBuddy is all about buying and selling homecooked food in apartment communities.

There are hundreds of Buddies selling their lip-smacking food on a daily basis and there are thousands of Foodies eagerly ordering homecooked food from their beloved Buddies.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, you can click the links below to get started on FoodyBuddy.

FoodyBuddy Website: Click Here!

FoodyBuddy Android App: Download Here!

5 Cooking Tips for Expert Home Chefs

FoodyBuddy is proud to be a platform for some of the most talented home chefs in India! And, we want to help make things easier for you however we can. That’s why this edition of Chef’s Corner is about some cooking tips for expert chefs.

So, without any further ado, here is our list of 5 Cooking Tips for Expert Home Chefs:

#1) Crispy is the way to go

French Fries

If you’re ever making French Fries or Chips at home, you know that they are only good if you can get them to be amazingly crispy. So, here’s a fun little tip to make sure that happens.

Slice your potatoes, and then soak them in water for about an hour. This will get rid of all the starch content, allowing you to get that firm crispness everyone loves. Oh, and do bake the Fries or Chips in order to make them healthy 🙂

#2) X marks the spot


Tomatoes are one of the most widely used ingredients in the cooking world. No matter the cuisine, there’s usually some involvement from the popular red vegetable. But, isn’t it a pain to peel them? Well, it doesn’t have to be.

Just make an X-shaped cut on the top of a tomato and let it sit for 30 seconds in some hot water. Remove it, let it cool down, and see just how easily the peels come off.

#3) It’s a science, not an art


Baking is one of the most impressive aspects of cooking. It shows a level of skill that is often unmatched. But, in order to be a good baker, it is important to remember that it is a science and not an art.

Baking required precise measurements of all the ingredients to make sure that the dish tastes good. A small miscalculation and things can go very very wrong.

#4) Don’t rinse and repeat


A common mistake that chefs make while preparing pasta is that they rinse off the pasta once they’re done cooking it. This is a mistake as it completely removes all the starch content which makes it very difficult for the pasta to retain the flavour of the sauce.

Instead, just drain the pasta in a colander and you’re good to go.

#5) Perfectly boiled

Hardboiled Eggs

No matter what your level of expertise is, there’s always a little bit of apprehension when it comes to boiling an egg. Something always seems to go wrong. So, try this method in order to get the perfect hardboiled egg.

Bring your hot water to boil, turn off the stove, and put the eggs in for 12 minutes. After that, just transfer it to a pot of cold water and voila. Perfect hardboiled eggs.

5 Food Photography Tips for Amazing Pictures

Hello, Chefs!

We here at FoodyBuddy have decided to start up a new weekly series called “Chef’s Corner” where we aim to help our amazing Buddies (Sellers) with some interesting articles, hints, tips, recipes, and much much more.

For our first article, keeping in theme with this week’s photography-based Hall of Fame contest, we have come with some tips and tricks to click amazing pictures of your food.

So, without any further ado, here is our list of 5 Food Photography Tips for Amazing Pictures:

#1) Experiment with different angles

2017-11-06 18.30.28 1642096917376892257_5644795508

Gulab Jamun by Chef Shaheena of Mantri Tranquil

It’s important to experiment with different angles for your photos to come up with the best possible way to showcase your dish and its strengths.

Don’t be afraid to try a bunch of different shots before settling on one that you feel showcases the best features of your dish!

#2) It’s all about the lighting

2017-12-01 19.00.05 1660231215652999417_5644795508

Fruit Parfait by Chef Rakshita Pandey of Alpine Eco

Lighting is one of the most important aspects in all of photography, and that holds true for food photography as well. In fact, I’d say it’s even more important in food photography as the correct lighting can enhance the look of your dish.

Find the perfect setup to bring out the best in your dish and most of your work is already done!

#3) Use neutral backgrounds

2017-10-01 16.31.21 1615945037747596220_5644795508

Exotic Salad by Chef Shaheena of Mantri Tranquil

I think one of the most underrated aspects of a great photograph is the background. By using a neutral background – like plain black, for example – all the focus is on the dish and there are no distractions.

If your background is overshadowing your dish then consider changing it up to something more subtle.

#4) Plating matters

2017-12-07 19.42.52 1664601406046444008_5644795508

Cream of Mushroom Soup by Chef Usha of Suncity

When you’re showcasing your dishes in a photograph, it’s important to plate it well. Make sure that things are arranged neatly, and focus the spotlight on the ingredients your dish champions.

This is a surefire way of setting your dish apart from the rest.

#5) Cleanliness

2017-11-18 14.34.23 1650675401141464726_5644795508

Chicken Burgers by Chef Shaheena of Mantri Tranquil

Nothing can ruin a great food picture quicker than dirty plates. Make sure that the cutlery and crockery being used is spotless. No one notices if the plates are clean, but everyone notices if they’re dirty.

We hope these tips help you, Chefs! And stay tuned for more amazing content on FoodyBuddy’s new Chef’s Corner series!