Dish of the Week, 6th December 2019 – Kesar Rasmalai by Chef Prabha

Hello Foodies and Buddies,

In today’s Dish of the Week feature we have an Indian sweet dish that is loved by many people all across India – Kesar Rasmalai by Chef Prabha.

The dish is completely homemade, full of natural proteins from cow’s milk and other high energy and high protein items such as Saffron, dry fruits and cardamom. Isn’t it a royal treat for all dessert lovers? 🙂 Even though Rasmalai is most commonly eaten on special occasions like festivals, weddings, anniversaries and birthday parties, foodies don’t really need a special occasion to relish dishes they love 😉

While milk and saffron are the main ingredients, the real taste of the dish comes from the amount of love that goes into making it. Rasmalai is Chef Prabha’s favourite dish. Since cooking is her hobby, she learnt to prepare the dish from her friends who are also expert in cooking.

The dish needs to be prepared with ample attention to detail to get the best results. Chef Prabha mentions – “The biggest challenge is in preparing good quality Paneer balls which is the base content of the dish.”



Here’s a quick Recipe: 

  1. Boil high cream milk and convert it to Paneer by adding vinegar
  2. Mash the Panner to make it smooth and then prepare Rasmalai rolls from the mashed paneer
  3. Steam the rolls in a cooker with sugar and water, then let it cool down
  4. Now In a separate pan boil Cow’s milk on low heat for a long time to make it thick
  5. Now add sugar, dry fruits and saffron to the milk and mix well
  6. Once the paneer balls cool down, add them to the thickened milk mixture and place it in refrigerator for cooling.

Voila, your Rasmalai is ready 😀

Chef Prabha is also good at making other sweets such as Puran poli, Rasgullas, Rajbhog, Kaju Katli, and other sweet and salty snacks which she is looking to make famous on Foodybuddy.

Thank you Chef! We wish you all the best. 🙂

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Dish of the Week, 26th November 2019 – Tamarind Rice by Rajeswari

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

We have a regional speciality for our Dish of the Week column: Chef Rajeswari’s Tamarind Rice – or as it is known locally, Pulihora.

When asked what the dish was exactly, Chef Rajeswari responded, “Pulihora or Tamarind Rice is a common rice preparation in South India. It’s a tangy rice dish enriched with spices, roasted peanuts and aromatic curry leaves.”

It certainly has a nostalgic effect on Chef Rajeswari. “The aroma of Pulihora preparation is enticing and brings nostalgic memories of my grandma’s kitchen,” she reminisced, also calling it one of her favourite dishes.

Chef Rajeswari gave us some background on the dish. She said, “Hindus considered turmeric powder a symbol of auspiciousness. It is presented to good as part of prayer also given as prasadam some temples. Devotees queue to get Pulihora after darshan. This is usually cooked on special occasions and festival days.”

Being such an expert on the dish, we asked Chef Rajeswari for a recipe and she obliged us.

Cook rice such that each grain is separate and spread to cool.

Heat Oil and add Peanuts, Chana Dal, Urad Dal, Mustard Seeds, and fry till golden colour.

Add Curry Leaves, Turmeric Powder, Green Chillies and Red Chillies, Tamarind, and Hot Water.

Mix together to create a paste.

Mix the paste with the rice and serve hot.

Chef Rajeswari also warned us about the challenges associated with the dish. “You need to cook Tamarind Juice in the right thickness paste. It is difficult to cook to get the right taste,” she cautioned.

Finally, we asked her what other dishes she was looking to make famous on FoodyBuddy and she responded by saying, “I would like to make contemporary and traditional dishes. Authentic dishes like Mexican Fried Rice and Bisi Bele Bath!”

Thank you so much for your time, Chef Rajeswari and all the best to you going forward 🙂

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Dish of the Week, 19th November 2019 – The real Indori Poha by Chef Neha (With Recipe!)

Hello Foodies and Buddies,

Indore is well known for its tasty and spicy street food and in today’s Dish of the week column we have a very famous breakfast snack – The Real authentic Indori Poha, by Chef Neha
Indori Poha is a type of flattened (beaten) rice (version of Maharashtrian Poha) that is likely to have originated in the Indian metropolis of Indore and Indore happens to be the largest consumer of Poha in the world. Indori Poha, eaten as breakfast in Indore, is extremely popular in the country. According to a statistic, people of Indore (Indories) eat 20 tonnes of poha every day!


The real Indori poha, by chef Neha
  • To begin making Indori Poha, wash Poha, drain the water completely and set it aside.
  • Once the water is completely drained off, add sugar, turmeric, red chilly powder, and salt to the Poha and mix it properly. Be gentle so as to not to break the soaked Poha flakes.
  • Heat oil in a kadhai, add mustard seeds and wait until they start to splutter.
  • Once done add chopped onions, green chilies, and curry leaves and cook it until the onions turn a little brown.
  • Next, add fennel seeds and saute it for few seconds.
  • Add the Poha and mix everything well. Cover the Kadai with a lid and cook on low heat for 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes turn off the heat and garnish the Poha with chopped coriander leaves, lemon, onions, and pomegranates. Serve hot.

You can also add Indori Sev and Jiravan (a spicy mix like chat masala, but not a chat masala) on top of poha before serving.

Chef Neha says that My family belongs to Indore and we all love eating poha just like any other true Indori. We can’t imagine our lives without poha. As a true Indori we always keep at our home the sev from Indore that is mixed in the poha, which enhances the taste of the dish. In my family, other than me, my mother-in-law, my husband and my father-in-law, everyone can make poha! We all like it so much.” 


Indoris have a special association with Poha and the Chef also mentioned that whenever she and her family visit Indore, the first thing that they do after getting out of the airport is to halt and eat poha before reaching the destination 🙂
She learned to make Poha from her mother at a very early age while she was in school. According to her, if you get the right type of poha flakes in the market, preparation is fairly simple. And that’s the reason it is so popular especially in the central part of India.



Her dishes such as Papdi Chat, Thepla, Sabudana Vada, etc. are liked by all the Foodies around her. She is now focusing on serving Curated Goodies on Foodybuddy. Nidhi is happy to share the taste of Indore, Maharashtra, and Gujarat with Foodies across Bangalore.
In her closing words, the Chef says –” I would like to say that FoodyBuddy is a great platform for home chefs who are passionate about their home recipes. The platform allows Foodies to relish taste from all parts of the country sitting on their dining table. The new section of Curated Goodies is quite exciting and I am able to share recipes through this platform that have some shelf life. Thanks :)”


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Dish of the Week, 12th November 2019 – Punjabi Dal Kachori by Chef Khushi

Hello Foodies and Buddies,

This week we picked a delicious mid-day meal snack – Punjabi Dal Kachori by Chef Khushi Pruthi as Dish of the week. Kachoris are a popular snack in India and go very well with green chutney and tamarind chutney followed by a cup of tea. 😀

The recipe has been passed on to the chef by her mother and the dish is loved not only by her daughter but also loved by most her customers on FoodyBuddy.

Quick Recipe: Punjabi Kachori

Masala for stuffing:

  • Soak White Urad in water for 2 hours and then drain the water.
  • Fry them in oil for almost half an hour until it completely dries.
  • Put Some Dry masalas such as Coriander, Turmeric, Jeera Powder and Salt.


  • Take Maida and 100 ml oil with Ajwain Salt to prepare the Dough (the Dough should be soft).
  • Now leave the dough for half an hour
  • Make small balls from the dough
  • Stuff the dough ball with the Urad Dal masala and then fry it.

Kachoris are ready to eat….. Serve it hot then 🙂

The authentic Punjabi Kachoris are really loved by her customers and now she looks forward to making her Samosas equally famous. We wish her all the best 🙂

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Dish of the Week, 5th November 2019 – Kulfi by Chef Shweta (With Recipe!)

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

It’s time for another Dish of the Week column and on this edition, we have a favourite of Indian-dessert lovers everywhere: Kulfi!

Chef Shweta’s superb Kulfi has captured the imaginations of Foodies all over our platform and rightfully takes its place as our Dish of the Week.

So, what is Kulfi exactly? Chef Shweta answered, “Kulfi is known as an Indian ice cream. It is a lightly spiced dessert with the flowery aroma of cardamom and vanilla.”

It is a dish that holds special significance to Chef Shweta. It is one of her favourite dishes and she learnt to make it from her mother.

“When we were kids; me and my group of friends used to run behind Kulfi-walas every time they use to come to our neighbourhood. Eating Matka Kulfi and Stick Kulfi takes me down memory lane,” added Chef Shweta.

Our awesome chef even provided a full recipe for the dish:

475 ml of whole milk
125 ml of condensed milk
2 teaspoons of regular sugar (or to taste)
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essence
2 teaspoons of fresh cream
1/2 teaspoon of ground cardamom
4 tablespoons of chopped pistachio nuts

Stir the milk and condensed milk together in a heavy-bottomed pan and boil it for 10 minutes.
Add the sugar and cardamom.
Reduce heat to low and simmer, stirring frequently, for 10 minutes.
After 10 minutes, add fresh cream and vanilla essence; stirring 10 minutes more.
Remove from heat and allow to cool to room temperature; fold the pistachio nuts into the mixture.
Pour the mixture into ice lolly moulds and freeze until solid – about 2 hours.

An amazingly yummy recipe with just one major challenge according to Chef Shweta. She said, “You will have to constantly stir it, till you get it perfect. It’s time-consuming, but when it’s ready, you can’t keep yourself from eating it!”

When quizzed on what other dishes Chef Shweta was looking forward to making famous on FoodyBuddy, she replied, “Chicken Kabuli Rice and Litti Chokha!”

And finally, this is what Chef Shweta had to say in closing, “I just want to thank you guys for introducing such a nice platform where we can show our culinary talent.”

Thank you, ma’am, for making our platform the amazing success it is today and all the best to you going forward 🙂

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