Chef of the Week, 12th July 2019 – Priyanka Sharma

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

A huge shoutout to Chef Priyanka Sharma who is our latest Chef of the Week having crossed the 1000 Meals Milestone on FoodyBuddy!

We had a brief chat with Chef Priyanka to learn about her FoodyBuddy experience starting with how she became a Buddy.

She replied, “I saw an article in the newspaper that had some chefs talking about how much they enjoy this process. I was always inclined towards cooking and hence I also enrolled.” We are glad that you did, ma’am!

Chef Priyanka showed us the real passion of a chef when we spoke to her about what keeps her inspired. “There is a certain emotion that comes alive for people who like to cook. It is like nurturing a child. I also enjoy the fact that in a limited way, I can also keep experimenting with ingredients, style of cooking, recipients etc. Overall, a very nice feeling,” she said.

Chef Priyanka is a specialist in North Indian cuisine. “I mostly cook North Indian cuisines but that too in a way that is acceptable to most palettes. As I cook, I envisage that the person savouring the dish must feel like this would have been cooked at their own house. I am very particular about hygiene, and the food being cooked fresh and being served hot,” she explained.

When asked about what her most popular dishes were, she replied, “I have a couple of them actually. Banjara Mutton Curry with Ajwain Parathas and the other one is Ajwain Puri with Aloo Curry and Halwa. Both of them have been great hits!”

Her buyers are certainly aware of Chef Priyanka’s skill in the kitchen and don’t hesitate to let her know.

“I get lots of messages and compliments, mostly 1-to-1 on my phone. People are very appreciative. The one that I like most is when people say the food was “divine” or when they say, ‘This is how exactly my mom would have cooked it.’ I know a couple of students and single moms, who do their daily chores well because they have outsourced their “kitchens” to me and are secure that their eating needs will be taken care of,”  said Chef Priyanka with a fond smile.

Our esteemed Chef also had a few short words of advice to new Buddies. She said, “Just cook they way you would have cooked for yourself and enjoy the process.”

Finally, in closing, Chef Priyanka said regarding her future, “Let’s see. For now, it is about cooking, trying, learning and cooking some more!”

We wish you all the very best, ma’am, and thank you for being such an integral part of our family 🙂

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