Chef of the Week, 13th September 2019 – Rosemary Dean

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

Our Chef of the Week column features Chef Rosemary Dean and she is one of FoodyBuddy’s most popular Buddies having crossed the 1000 Meals Sold Milestone!

We asked Chef Rosemary how she got started with FoodyBuddy and she replied, “The Magical Malhar is where my FoodyBuddy journey started. For the longest time, only bulk cooking happened for my son’s parties and festivals but I must say the love to feed was and is always a part of our family, we can never make small quantities.”

“Every single person in my family and my extended family love to feed and eat so cooking was a natural extension of that. My kitchen is not just me, but also my mom Maggie who is the best at everything and my husband Dean who loves biriyani is an expert at it. There are dishes named after them that they are specialists in,” concluded with a smile.

We asked Chef Rosemary what are those specialist dishes of her kitchen and she said, “As mentioned before my kitchen has 3 chefs. My mom, Maggie, is an expert in Kerala food while my husband, Dean, is our Biryani specialist. As for me, I love making continental food!”


Chef Rosemary’s kitchen has sold well over 1000 Meals on FoodyBuddy and when quizzed on what keeps her motivated to keep selling she said, “That is easy, the appreciation, expression and satisfaction of seeing someone eat something that you have cooked and enjoy it is the reason I can rarely say no to cooking!” What a lovely sentiment, ma’am 🙂

It’s certainly a sentiment that her Foodies appreciate and Chef Rosemary shared some memorable interactions she has had on FoodyBuddy.

“Special interactions are many in Malhar. From kids polishing off cakes to a couple who order for custard every time I make it and parents telling me that their kid had a non-veg dish for the first time and loved it!

But the one that was special was a family of 15 with family members from diffident parts of the world with different taste preferences who had us cooking for them all through the Christmas holidays. Them saying not only that they loved every dish served but that they got to spend more time with each other than in the kitchen!”

Chef Rosemary also told us about her most popular dishes. She said, “Apart from the regular combos our pork and beef dishes are the best sellers!”

Chef Rosemary is a beloved Buddy and she had some advice for new Chefs on FoodyBuddy. “Being a Buddy needs three must-have qualities. A Love for Food, People, and Cooking. Only a combination of all these three makes this a passion that makes all the hard work worth it,” she adviced.

Finally, we enquired after Chef Rosemary’s future plans and she replied, “Two years back I didn’t have a clue I would do this so let see what delightful journey lies ahead!”

Thank you so much, Chefs Rosemary, Maggie, and Dean for bringing your Malhar Magic to FoodyBuddy and we wish you all the very best going forward 🙂

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