Chef of the Week, 15th November 2019 – Chef Laxmi

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

In this edition, we are going to talk about Chef Laxmi whose regional specialities are loved not only by her friends and family but also by our Foodybuddy community. Congratulations on selling more than 1000 meals on FoodyBuddy. 😀

How her journey started?

FoodyBuddy had organised an introductory session in her society, Brigade Lakefront sometime during July-August last year. Simultaneously, she was also introduced to this through her very young, under 30 friends- Amruta and Swetha Sharma who are also chefs on FoodyBuddy. Just because of their natural love for food,  Laxmi and her family was excited to know more, so her family pushed her to give it a shot. What started off as an attempt to simply cook food has now become a big reason for her confidence and has also given her more friends, from age 5 to 70. Isn’t it amazing?

Chef Laxmi Brigade Lakefront

Her Inspiration

Chef Laxmi says that – “While I have always enjoyed cooking, all this goes back to my mother’s desire to own a small restaurant of sorts in Hyderabad. She was experimental in her cooking and always had people excited about tasting her dishes. Cooking gave her immense happiness which got me excited about cooking too. After several years, through FoodyBuddy, I got a chance to make my passion more visible. My Foodies, including children of age 5 and my family have been encouraging me constantly. It makes me feel thrilled to have my foodies come back to me for the same dish. My husband especially is my major reason for being able to sell over 1,000 meals since I first started in August 2018.”

Her Specialities and Favourite dishes

Chef Laxmi enjoys cooking south Indian delicacies. She has her roots in Kerala and grew up in Hyderabad, so she manages to offer a variety of tastes. Some of her foodies come back to her for dishes like Pongal and Pulihogare. Some of the snacks she makes are loved by her children-foodies, like Mullu Murukku, Manoharam and Ribbon Pakoda. One of the kids, Achutham, recognises her as “Chakli Aunty”.  Chef Laxmi tells – ” I also receive repeat orders for batters for ragi dosa, idli, poha mixture, lemon rice and coconut rice.”

She also mentions – “It is always nice to interact with the foodies when they come home to pick up their orders or when we visit for a delivery. My husband has also made a few new friends while helping me with deliveries. There are two kids, age 4 and 7, Swara and Sudha, who come home and never want to leave. Every time their parents place an order, we know for sure that the order is also coming with some joy. It feels great to have foodies so young give feedback on what they like and how they like it.”

Her tip to new Buddies!

“Cook food with interest. Interest and passion reflects on the food you cook. Also, make sure you have your secret ingredients. 🙂 My husband also wants me to call out here that your love for food can be your secret ingredient.

She believes that her future holds more foodies, more friends, improved taste in her cooking. To wrap up the chef said “It’s been wonderful on FoodyBuddy so far. From cooking varieties to meeting new people, it’s been entertaining, occupying and exciting. I just want to thank FoodyBuddy for coming up with a concept such as this and look forward to a longer experience.”

Foodybuddy looks forward to hearing more such experiences and connecting more such home chefs to their passion in the future. Thank you so much Chef Laxmi for sharing your wonderful journey with us so far 🙂

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