Chef of the Week, 18th October 2019 – Rakhi Khandelwal

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

Our Chef of the Week for this week is Chef Rakhi Khandelwal who is one of the quickest chefs to reach the 1000 Meals Sold Milestone!

So, how did Chef Rakhi get started on her FoodyBuddy journey?

She replied, “It’s a very interesting story. I like eating and preparing good food and I started thinking seriously about taking up the profession of being a culinary artist. I explored a few options but nothing really worked. And in just 2 days since I conceived this idea I got to know about FoodyBuddy through a WhatsApp message. I grabbed this opportunity with both hands.”

We are certainly glad that the timing matched so perfectly on both sides 🙂

Having sold 1000 meals in such a short amount of time, motivation is something that comes naturally to Chef Rakhi.

She explained, “Cooking is like an art, a passion. And there is a saying – “When you look at the painting, you can hear a thousand claps.’ The same way a when a Foody eats your food and likes it you’re definitely going to hear a thousand claps. 1,000 meals is like a million claps for me.”

So, what exactly are Chef Rakhi’s speciality dishes?

“Chaat items which make me go nostalgic. Papdi Chat, Dahi Vada, Kachori, Dabeli, and Samosa are some dishes I really like,” she answers with a smile.

Chef Rakhi’s most-ordered dish is actually quite interesting.

She told us, “I was a little hesitant to put an authentic Rajasthani dish like Dal-Bati Churma. However, the Foodies responses was just amazing and Dal-Bati is now my most sought-after dish.”

Having made such a big impact in just a few months does Chef Rakhi have any stories about memorable interactions with her Foodies for us?

She answered, “Last three months have been very fruitful and enriching. I have made lots of good friends! However, when I met one Foody who was almost my mother’s age, she insisted that I should teach her how to prepare soft Phulkas because she loved my Phulkas. That really overwhelmed me. These kinds of conversations encouraged me to do better.”

Does Chef Rakhi have any tips for other new Buddies getting started on our platform?

“It does not need experience, it just needs passion to be a Buddy.” Short and sweet 🙂

Finally, what does the future hold for Chef Rakhi Khandelwal?

She said, “I have enjoyed my journey thus far and played to my strength with Chaat items, North Indian and Rajasthani food. But now with the love and affection I have received from Foodies, I want to add new dishes to my menu and explore new cuisines.”

Best of luck to you, ma’am and you have all our thanks for being such an important part of the FoodyBuddy family 🙂

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