Chef of the Week, 23rd December 2019 – Chef Sonam

Hello Foodies and Buddies,

We are back with a new Chef of the Week, Chef Sonam who is another hustling Chef from SLS Signature Apartments, Bangalore. She has sold more than 1000 meals on FoodyBuddy. Congratulations Chef!

How her journey started?

She got to know about FoodyBuddy from her neighbour and thought that FoodyBuddy would be a great platform for her to share Maharashtrian, South Indian and North-Indian dishes with everyone around her. Her motivation lies in the support that she gets from her family members, customer testimonials and the happiness that she shares offering her home-cooked food.


Her Specialities and Favourite dishes

People love a lot of dishes prepared by Sonam, such as Sabudana Khichdi, Sabudana Vada, Idli Chutney, Masala poori-Aloo Matar, Punjabi Chole masala etc., but one of the most important items on the menu is Fulkas(Chapatis). Aren’t homemade Chapatis the best? 😀

She has had many positive interactions with the Foodies around her. She mentions that in her food foodies find the taste and perfection that they are looking for and the taste of the food reminds them of their home-cooked food.

Her tip to fellow Buddies!

Please don’t compromise with the food quality and use quality disposable material.

Chef Sonam says that she is looking at herself as an Entrepreneur with the help of FoodyBuddy.

We are really happy to hear that Chef and we wish you all the best! Keep Rocking!

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