Chef of the Week, 25th October 2019 – Manisha Gupta

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

It’s time for our Chef of the Week column and this time we are featuring Chef Manisha Gupta who recently crossed the 1000 Meals Sold Milestone.

Chef Manisha Gupta

We asked Chef Manisha how she got started on FoodyBuddy and she said, “I always like to do something to keep myself busy. And my passion lies in the cooking. During my pregnancy, the doctor recommended bed rest for 9 months. This was back in 2016-2017 and I was thinking that if someone can provide me with hot and delicious food and I missed homemade food a lot.

“At that time, I came across FoodyBuddy and I ordered a lot from nearby apartments. I decided that I also wanted to pursue cooking in my kitchen with FoodyBuddy so, after my daughter’s first birthday, I decided to get onboard with FoodyBuddy and started my passion. My main motive to provide good food to those who in need especially very happy to serve ladies during their pregnancy days to satisfy their food cravings.”

That’s such an awesome motivation, ma’am, and we would like to thank you for your dedication 🙂

Chef Manisha told us about what keeps her motivated to continue selling on FoodyBuddy.  She said, “FoodyBuddy is a great platform to help home chefs show their culinary skills. The appreciation which I am receiving from my customers of all ages -especially kids & ladies and age-old uncles and aunties – keeps me going and motivated. I remember when a kid in the apartment says to me ‘Auntiji aapke Paneer Parathe mujhe bahut pasand hain’!”

Chef Manisha also told us about notable interactions with her Foodies. “There are a lot of Foodies who love my dishes and order all the dishes whatever I put in my menu. One particular interaction with one Foodie who had given me an order for her kid’s birthday party. She told me that all the children liked the Bread Roll and Kalakand so much that nothing is left for her! Such great interactions motivate me more to cook and deliver tasty and delicious foods,” said Chef Manisha with a big smile.

When asked about her favourite and most popular dishes, Chef Manisha replied, “Since I belong to the central part of India, I am trying almost all varieties of vegetarian North Indian dishes. Among my favourite dishes, I love to cook different varieties of Parathas. My customers really like Paneer Paratha, Sabudana Vada, Sabudana Khichdi, and Poha but my best-selling dish on FoodyBuddy is Dal-Chawal Combo and that’s because of the Dal I prepared which even my husband loves a lot!”

Being such an experienced member of FoodyBuddy, we asked Chef Manisha if she had any special advice for new Buddies and she said, “Just bring out your passion while cooking. Dil se banayi huyee har dish sabhi ko pasand aayegi (The dishes you cook with your heart and love, will taste good and will be loved by all).” That’s really great advice, ma’am!

When quizzed on what the future holds for her, Chef Manisha said, “Just enjoying the journey with FoodyBuddy currently. I am looking forward to having an enlightening journey with Foodybuddy and in the future, long long time ahead, I might think to open a commercial food point.”

And finally, Chef Manisha shared some closing thoughts with us. She said, “Just one incident which has changed my life with FoodyBuddy is the Buddy Advisory Committee (BAC) Meeting which was organised by Foodybuddy earlier this year. In this event, interacting with other Buddies really change my thought process and my beliefs. I am very thankful to FoodyBuddy for inviting me to such a great event and providing me with opportunities to interact with other Buddies on this platform. Foodybuddy is a great platform and I am enjoying it truly. Hats off to the FoodyBuddy team!”

Thank you so much for such amazing words, ma’am, we do it all for our amazing family of Buddies! We would like to wish you all the very best going forward 🙂

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