Chef of the Week, 2nd August 2019 – Cyndia Ann

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

Welcome back to our Chef of the Week series and on this edition, we have Chef Cyndia Ann – FoodyBuddy’s Ice Cream Maker Extraordinaire – taking her place in the spotlight after having sold over 1000 Meals on the platform 🙂

Chef Cyndia gave us a beautiful writeup about herself and her love for food and we have it in its entirety here:

“Hey everyone, I’m Cyndia and I’m a sweetaholic.

I have this crazy love for sweets, be it a Tiramisu, or a Rasmalai, or a fabulous cheesecake and oh my god, just plain finger-licking chocolate sauce. Damn, I’m drooling here, just talking about it.

This love for sweets made me raid every container in the kitchen and the fridge and whip up one yummy thing or the other. From working as an insurance specialist to quitting and getting married, and then taking my Queen of the household position wasn’t particularly hard.

My mom is an amazing baker and I knew my baking basics from her. I ventured into the world of cakes, cupcakes, cookies and then moved onto cheesecakes, entremets, little miniature french desserts etc. Mind you, all this was in my kitchen and family and only for friends who would ask specifically for the things that they love. I had no particular interest in taking baking as a major business. I also completed my MBA on the side and I really was looking for an opportunity to start up something. And I wanted to get into one product, a single product and a widely acceptable one, which is a daily or at least weekly ritual for many. That’s how I zeroed in on ice creams.

Currently, I focus on Ice creams only and make one of the best possible ones out there. I took my time to learn the science and the intricacies of ice creams, on how to manage the texture of something that is a very complex, intricate and delicate substance. Every single ingredient that goes into an ice cream has a function and balancing it out to get to the right texture was a huge learning experience and am still learning it with every new flavour I introduce. Ice creams became an obsession and a chemistry class for me. Learning about emulsions and colloidal dispersions became a wonderful thing, like a little scientist in the kitchen. All because it is so worth it and so delicious.

I started off with a Facebook page called Omm Nom Nomm, pronounced um nom nom, the sound that someone makes when you eat something really yum. Or if you’re a fan of Cookie monster, it’s the sound that he makes when eating his cookie. I specialize in Super Premium and Premium French Style Ice creams. French-style specifically means the usage of eggs in the ice cream, and it makes it richer, creamier and smoother. That being said, some of the fruit flavours that I make are without egg, as it brings out the flavour of the fruit much better.

Foodybuddy was active in the community that I lived in previously, and I’ve watched a lot of people actively enjoying the app, buying and selling. At that point, I was still learning how to make proper ice creams and didn’t make a move until way later. Then I moved into an independent house and completely forgot about FoodyBuddy since I didn’t have a specific community to purchase from. Continued with Omm Nom Nomm sales through Facebook and word of mouth from several patrons. One of them, about 3-4 months ago, mentioned that FoodyBuddy has the option of selling in several communities as long as you’re willing to deliver it. This was a new revelation for me, as previously as per my understanding, it was only for the specific community that I was living in.

I reached out to the Foodybuddy team and they were more than helpful. They introduced me to the private kitchen option and guided me with all the apartments that were in the vicinity and some of which I already had customers from. FoodyBuddy gave me much wider visibility amongst ice cream lovers. As you talk to more and more customers, you get to understand what they like, what is important for them, and how can you evolve accordingly. That is the basis of how I grow. So every customer that I meet is important, every person has a say, and I work accordingly as best as I can.

Every single word of appreciation means a lot as it brings out the best in me. The need to evolve and be better and better comes from it. A lot of my customers start buying ice creams for their children and then they taste it and fall in love with it. As adults, a lot of us are not used to having ice creams much and I’m trying to slowly reintroduce that favourite childhood moment in them, one person at a time.

Younger people generally tend to opt for the chocolate flavours, like the Belgian Chocolate or Choco Fudge Brownie, and as you get slightly older, I’ve noticed that they pick fruitier flavours like Tropical Mango, Sweet Strawberry, Midsummer Mulberry, Mint Chocolate Flake etc. People who prefer a tangy flavour pick the Luscious Lemon and if you are a coffee fan, then definitely Mocha. Salted Caramel is a big seller and so is Pink Guava. Everyone finds their own favourites and that’s amazing. I especially love it, when customers come back and tell me, that they can’t have store-bought ice creams anymore, and they don’t want to settle for anything less.

All of the ice creams that I currently make are 100% natural, no artificial emulsifiers, stabilizers or preservatives. All of the fruit ice creams use only real fruit and no added essences or extracts either. However, I’ve had requests from a lot of people to introduce ice creams which incorporate other favourite treats like Ferrero Rocher, Oreos, Kit Kats etc, so those are also on the cards soon enough. As I grow and fine-tune my recipes and flavours, my hope is that I would be able to serve these amazing, yummy treats to a much wider audience.

FoodyBuddy as an avenue has helped me a lot in terms of widening my horizons and it is great for anyone who is making amazing food and wants to serve that in their neighbourhood. If you have the passion and the drive to follow through, anything is possible. People love good food and you just have to make the best that you can and serve. Making sure that your logistics are in place for delivery, making sure it reaches on time, and without any hitches en route, adds to the wonderful experience of lovely home-cooked food. Kudos to the team for setting this up and making it a wonderful platform.

Thanks & with lots of ice creams ready to be served,

Having personally tasted Chef Cyndia’s ice creams, I can safely say that they are amongst the very best I have ever had and here are some amazing pictures of her decadent treats:

Thank you, ma’am, for such amazing insight and give us all the intricate details about what it means to be the master of one’s craft 🙂

We wish you all the very best going forward and can’t wait to taste more of your superb ice creams!

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