Chef of the Week, 30th December 2019 – Chef Lalita

Hello Foodies and Buddies,

We are back with a new Chef of the week from Ahad Euphoria apartments, Bangalore -Chef Lalita Shekhar! She has sold more than 1000 meals on FoodyBuddy. Congratulations Chef!

How her journey started

It was around one and a half year back around her anniversary that she came up with the idea of something new in life, where she could use her skills and earn love from people. That’s when she and her family remembered FoodyBuddy. They had used the FoodyBuddy app to order food when they had newly shifted to the apartment, hence, it was the answer!


FoodyBuddy gave her a platform to play around with her skills and earn the love and appreciation of many people around her. She mentions – “ The pleasure of spreading love through my food is the biggest driving force for me to keep cooking and selling. It also gives me a lot of satisfaction to experiment with a lot of dishes and getting praise from the foodies.”

Her Specialities and Favourite dishes

Chef Lalita excels at cooking South Indian food and Parathas, and some of her favorite dishes include Idli Sambhar, Sabudana Khichdi, Aloo Paratha, Shahi Paratha, etc.

Her Most popular dishes are –  Idli Sambhar, Aloo Paratha & Sabudana Khichdi.

She keeps on having a lot of interaction with her fellow Foodies. She remembered one such interaction where a Foody shared his experience with her saying that it felt like the food was served by his own mother. That made Chef Lalita’s day! 🙂

Her tip to fellow Buddies!

She says – “ Cook with love and intention of spreading smiles, the rest will follow.”

She also mentioned that in the future she would love to experiment with food and try a lot of new dishes and expand her specialties to different cuisines.

We wish you a great future Chef Lalita! Keep spreading more smiles 🙂

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