Chef of the Week, 6th January 2020 – Chef Sandhya

Hello Foodies and Buddies,

In this New Year, we are back with a new Chef of the week from Hyderabad – Chef Sandhya Iyer! She has sold more than 1000 meals on FoodyBuddy. Congratulations Chef!

How her journey started

Chef Sandhya has a circle of friends who were a part of FoodyBuddy already and they would often share their experiences that inspired her to give it try. Somehow it worked out very well as it gave her a platform to showcase her culinary skills, and that’s how her journey began as a Chef on FoodyBuddy.

She mentions – “Cooking is my passion. I belong to a typical South Indian family wherein our ancestors gave a lot of importance to cooking, we dealt with food a lot. Cooking and feeding has been imbibed in me right from there, it carries in our lineage.”

Her Specialities and Favourite dishes

Being born to a South Indian family and brought up in Mumbai (where cuisines from multiple cultures thrive), gave her a great opportunity to learn and appreciate food from all parts of the world. Her favorites from the menu include Sambhar, Avial, Pav Bhaji, Masala Pav, Poha, Sabudana kichadi, Phulkhas, and the list goes on!

Her signature dishes are Masala Pav and Pav Bhaji. While Mixed lentil batter, which was an experiment, also happened to click very well. Additionally, she also loves homemade ‘podis’ or powders which also became an instant hit amongst her foodies due to its authenticity and freshness.

Chef Sandhya says – “I am very grateful to a few of my foodies who have moved out of my neighborhood, yet continue to order from me regularly. This is highly motivating and keeps me going, especially when the elderly and experienced people convey their appreciation, it gives me a spirit to try new things.”

Her tip to fellow Buddies!

Keep it simple, never compromise on the quantity and quality, put in your 100%.

In the future, Chef Sandhya sees herself gaining more experience and taking her entrepreneurship skills to a different level. She also expressed her gratitude to Foodybuddy for giving her a great platform to showcase her cooking skills. She is also very grateful to her family, especially her husband who has always inspired her to keep going.

We wish you a great future Chef Sandhya! Keep rising and shining 🙂

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