Dish of the Week, 19th March 2019 – Chocolava Cake by Chef Megha

Hello, Foodies and Buddies!

Welcome to our Dish of the Week column! On this edition, we have a truly spectacular dish from Chef Megha Shabu – Chocolava Cake!

What is a Chocolava Cake? Chef Megha explains, “Chocolate is an expression of childhood and this dish brings out the inner child. An explosion of rich molten Chocolate inside the goodness of a Chocolate Cake!”

It is also a dish which holds some special significance to Chef Megha. “It is very special because it got me closer to the children in my home and in my community. I feel loved when children come running to me just to say, ‘Megha aunty, the Chocolava was so yummy!’ I feel it has earned me a special place in their hearts. It is my way of expressing my love for children young and old,” she says with a fond smile.

Despite not being the biggest fan of chocolate, this dish is a favourite of Chef Megha’s. She says, “Although, I am not a big fan of chocolate, nevertheless, I end up digging into the rich dark molten chocolate to uplift my spirit!”

When quizzed on how Chef Megha learned to make this dish, she recalls, “I learnt this last year when along with two of my dearest friends Priya and Devika when a spark ignited in us to sell muffins in our community store. I remember how we would experiment with different types of cupcakes. Chocolava in my life birthed there and I have seen myself maturing with every trial. I am so grateful for my partners who always encouraged me. It was surely a great hit. In the midst of fun and laughter trials and errors, we found the perfect recipe to brighten up and bring a chocolaty smile in many little faces!”

Chef Megha even provided a full recipe for the cake which you can find here:

Dark Chocolate – 60 grams
Butter – 4 tbsp
Eggs – 2 nos
Powdered Sugar – 3 tbsp
Refined Flour – 1/4 cup
Cocoa Powder – ½ tbsp
Baking Powder –  ¼ tsp

Step 1: Grate or cut chocolate into small pieces and pour in hot melted butter. Mix well into a smooth consistency
Step2: Beat the eggs and sugar together in a separate bowl
Step 3: Pour in the butter-chocolate mix to the above
Step 4: Sieve in flour and baking powder into the above batter and fold it using the spatula until everything mixes well into a pouring consistency.
Step 5: Fill the mould up to ¾th.
Step 6: Bake them at 200 degrees in a preheated oven for 9 minutes
Tip: You can add a small piece of chocolate right in the middle of the mould before you put them in the oven. You can also try adding Bournville and Dairy Milk silk to get a heavenly taste!

We asked Chef Megha if there were any challenges associated with making this dish. “The greatest challenge is to keep my daughter and her friends away from stealing the batter before it goes into the oven. And also finding a place to hide the chocolates to avoid last-minute surprises,” she responds cheekily.

Chef Megha also tells us about other dishes she wants to make popular on FoodyBuddy. She says, “I am happy people love the taste of my dishes but few dishes I would like people to try is grilled chicken sandwiches and potato pops.”

Finally, Chef Megha says in closing, “Passion backed up by a ‘Love to Serve’ attitude brings great contentment. Every dish has a story which is inspiring and motivating. To all the Buddies who are striving to live up to their passion, there will be times when you get to low. Just remember the story which brought you where you are today, the love you have earned and the hearts you have won. I bet you will find a reason once again to do what you love. At least that’s what gives me a kick…My story and the lovely people of my community.”

What a lovely sentiment, Chef Megha, and thank you so much for sharing your story as well as your amazing recipe with us! We wish you all the very best going forward 🙂

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