Dish of the Week, 30th July 2019 – Ribbon Pakoda by Chef Kiruthigha (With Recipe!)

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Welcome to our final Dish of the Week feature for the month of July and on this edition, we have delicious Ribbon Pakodas by Chef Kiruthigha including a full recipe!

What is a Ribbon Pakoda? “Ribbon Pakoda is a crispy snack prepared with Idli Rice and Fried Gram,” said Chef Kiruthigha.

Chef Kiruthigha also told us about the significance of this dish. She said, “This dish is close to my heart as it is one of my favourite from my mother’s kitchen. I used to pack this in big covers from home to my hostel during my college days.”

What a lovely memory that you have shared with us, ma’am 🙂

When asked if it was one her favourites, Chef Kiruthigha said, “Of course, yes! It is a tasty side dish for sambhar, rasam rice, and also good to munch during tea time.”

Chef Kiruthigha also told us how she learned to make this awesome dish. “My mother taught me the proportions, the frying technique and the consistency of the batter, etc. Nithya, one of my friends later gave me a few tips to make it better,” she explained to us.

Chef Kiruthigha was nice enough to share the full recipe for this dish with us which you can find below:

1) 4 cups of Idli Rice
2) 1 cup of Fried Gram Dal, powdered
3) 20 to 25 Red Chillies (adjust according to the required spice level)
4) 1 ladle of melted Butter (approx 40- 50 grams)
5) 3.5 tablespoons of Crystal Salt
6) 1 tablespoon of White Til (optional)

1) Soak the Idli Rice for around 3 hours along with the Red Chillies
2) Grind them in together in the wet grinder to a slightly coarse batter
3) Before taking it off from the grinder, add the salt and grind for another 5 minutes
4) In the meantime, powder the fried gram dal and sieve to get a fine powder
5) Mix the ground batter, white til, fried gram powder and melted butter
6) Heat a pan with oil for deep frying
7) Take a portion of the batter, fill in the murukku press with the flat nozzle and press it gently in the hot oil
8) Fry on both side till you see a nice golden colour and oil stops bubbling.
Tip: If the Ribbon Pakoda is too hard, add more melted butter, and if it is oily, add more batter. Butter can be replaced with hot oil too.

Recipe in Grid

Chef Kiruthigha assured us that the dish is easy to prepare after learning the proportion of ingredients properly!

We asked the Chef which other dishes she was looking to make famous on FoodyBuddy and she answered, “A few traditional and healthy dishes like More Kali (Rice Flour cooked and steamed with Buttermilk) and Millet-based Snacks. These are a few on my list!”

Finally, Chef Kiruthigha said in closing, ” I am very thankful to Foodybuddy for providing an awesome platform for chef-preneurs like us!”

Thank you, ma’am, for being such a great part of FoodyBuddy and for sharing this amazing recipe with us!

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