Dish of the Week, 6th December 2019 – Kesar Rasmalai by Chef Prabha

Hello Foodies and Buddies,

In today’s Dish of the Week feature we have an Indian sweet dish that is loved by many people all across India – Kesar Rasmalai by Chef Prabha.

The dish is completely homemade, full of natural proteins from cow’s milk and other high energy and high protein items such as Saffron, dry fruits and cardamom. Isn’t it a royal treat for all dessert lovers? 🙂 Even though Rasmalai is most commonly eaten on special occasions like festivals, weddings, anniversaries and birthday parties, foodies don’t really need a special occasion to relish dishes they love 😉

While milk and saffron are the main ingredients, the real taste of the dish comes from the amount of love that goes into making it. Rasmalai is Chef Prabha’s favourite dish. Since cooking is her hobby, she learnt to prepare the dish from her friends who are also expert in cooking.

The dish needs to be prepared with ample attention to detail to get the best results. Chef Prabha mentions – “The biggest challenge is in preparing good quality Paneer balls which is the base content of the dish.”


Here’s a quick Recipe: 

  1. Boil high cream milk and convert it to Paneer by adding vinegar
  2. Mash the Panner to make it smooth and then prepare Rasmalai rolls from the mashed paneer
  3. Steam the rolls in a cooker with sugar and water, then let it cool down
  4. Now In a separate pan boil Cow’s milk on low heat for a long time to make it thick
  5. Now add sugar, dry fruits and saffron to the milk and mix well
  6. Once the paneer balls cool down, add them to the thickened milk mixture and place it in refrigerator for cooling.

Voila, your Rasmalai is ready 😀

Chef Prabha is also good at making other sweets such as Puran poli, Rasgullas, Rajbhog, Kaju Katli, and other sweet and salty snacks which she is looking to make famous on Foodybuddy.

Thank you Chef! We wish you all the best. 🙂

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